* * Shanghai to face the brunt of CO2 cuts >> New air quality data in China for March >>Underground water quality poor in China >> China turning green >> ‘One Belt, One Road’ for China >> China experiences reduction in air pollution >> China’s energy usage falls >> New partnership between Lithuania and China >> China’s air quality improves; action still required >>Use of coal down by nearly 5% in China >> ‘Excellent or good’ air quality to be recorded in Northeast China >> China’s 13th Five Year Plan – Green is the colour >> 6.5-7% GDP yearly target for China until 2020 >>China’s new policy opens a door for ecology >> Government bodies, NGOs, auto sector join hands to combat pollution > Chinese wind energy machinery to enter Swedish market >China Unveils Reform Strategy for Ecological Improvement > EBRD increases backing for sustainable energy in the Slovak Republic > Tianjin set for long-term clean-up at polluted chemical explosion site > Beijing drafts their new vehicle emission standards > China’s environmental marketplace > A wastewater company in Beijing china Facing questions > EBRD targets increased energy savings in Ukraine >> China’s environmental marketplace >> A wastewater company in Beijing china Facing questions >> Low-carbon city forum focuses on green development >> International Consultation Meeting on Environment and Development (2016-2020) >> China looks to develop its pollution control systems > China is a vital player in the global 'green revolution' > China’s GHG emissions will likely reach ‘early’ peak by 2025, states a new report > China aims to improve shipping to fight against air pollution > China environment news reports in brief >> MEP releases latest statistics of air quality for China's regions >> China environment News in Brief >> One Hundred Businesses in Shanghai are given leak alert sensors >> ABB assists China in managing drought – in addition to restoring one of its most pristine lakes >> S+S successfully took part in the 10th China International Recycled Polyester Conference & Exhibition 2014 >> ANDRITZ successfully commences up 2nd tissue machine with steel Yankee for Shandong Sun Paper, in China >> China’s environmental technology market >> 5 brand-new Chinese container vessels to be powered by 20 Wärtsilä generating sets >> India and China's Environmental partnership crucial concerns talked over at a recent meeting in Beijing >> Chinese authoritie aim to improve environment >> China shipping delivers toxic pollution cocktail-report >> Beijing is committed to controlling the movement of traffic >> Zhou Shengxian Attends the third China-Germany Intergovernmental Consultation >> The air purifier market in China Grows across China >> Worries of growth at cost of environment >> China Takes Firm Stance on Heavy Metal Pollution >> JinJiang Raising Living Standards >> China Welcomes New Foreign Investment >> IBM Working on Beijing Pollution Problem >> China builds ties with Antigua and Barbuda to combat climate change >> Building China’s Green Economy >> Air care for cars increasing in Beijing >> Wind to power Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region >> Coal burning reduced by 7% in Beijing >> Beijing invests 48 billion yuan in a cleaner future >>Climate change cooperation needed between US & China >>> Beijing to have clean air within 16 years >>> China – U.K. Economic Relations Head in Right Direction >> China Brings Drinkable Water to Africa >> New Standards for Emissions in China >> China’s revised Environmental Protection Law seeks to protect environment and health >> Stricter Water Laws Needed in China >> Geothermal energy to be harnessed in China >> Hong Kong Waste Reduction to Involve Modern Incinerators >> Increased fines for polluting company in Beijing >> New Haze Pollution Definition “Too Slack”? >> Ozone now the top air pollutant in Beijing >> China’s revised Environmental Protection Law seeks to protect environment and health >> Stricter Water Laws Needed in China >> Water leak monitors part of Shanghai’s water conservation program >> ABB Low Voltage Products celebrates 20 years of business in China >> Chinese president attends breakfast meeting with BRICS business leaders >>> China Releases First National Water Report >>> Matching City with Environment Key in Building Eco-cities >>> China Sets Emission Limits in Toughest Counter-Air-Pollution Plan >>> China to Boost Coalbed Gas Sector >>> Chinese public calls for tackling water pollution >>> World Bank welcomes establishment of BRICS development bank >>>China news >> Shell revealed plans to spend at least US$1 billion >> China to Expand Air Quality Monitoring Network >> People to be moved >> Fujian Puts Focus on Environment >> Beijing to Buy PM2.5 Devices from Italian Company >> Operations have been suspended at a south China coal plant >> China plans to subsidise carbon-saving efforts of domestic airlines and plane manufacturers >> China to Subsidize More Denitrified Power Plants >> Water shortages in China >> China to Monitor Groundwater Pollution in Breadbasket >> Denitration Electricity Price for Coal-fired Power Plants Comes into Effect Nationwide >> China to Cap Pollutant Emissions in 6 Industries >> Report on state of the Environmental in China >> Ministry of Commerce and MEP Jointly Issue Environmental Guidelines on Foreign Investment and Cooperation >> New Rules to Boost Coal Ash Recycling >> Ministry of Environmental Protection Reports the Air Quality of Some Big Cities >> Tibet to Invest $563m to Protect Environment >> Billions are being invested in a greener China >> China's renewable energy target >>> China's exports surge in September>>> ANDRITZ to supply two tissue machines with the world’s largest steel yankees to C&S Paper Yunfu, China >>> China Car Industry in brief >>> The Renewable Energy Industry in the Bric Region >>> Hangzhou Energy Engineering & Technology will find ways to convert waste cooking oil for use as jet fuel >>> MEP Announces Reduction of Major Pollutants of China in 2011 >>> HK to Further Reduce Power Plant Emissions >>> China Funds Innovation Projects in New Energy Vehicles >>> China Strives to Meet Air Quality Standard Deadline >>> Kenya's Mobile Firm Seeks to Tackle E-waste >>> German Green Energy Surcharge to Rise 47 pct Next Year >>> Vietnam, Poland Share Experience on Environmental Protection >>>China and Germany and there growing trade >>> China's Reminbi heading towards reserve status >>> China’s state planning agency ordered seven provinces and cities to set caps on greenhouse-gas emissions in preparation for the launch of local pilot carbon market >>> Kaeser’s new ESD rotary screw compressors >>> Paques builds world's largest ANAMMOX® wastewater treatment plant for ammonium removal in China >>> Separation mechanism - rotates to suit any requirement S+S Separation and Sorting Technology has completely redesigned its well-known RAPID COMPACT metal separator. >>> Inner Mongolia began an overhaul of its mining sector >>> Inner Mongolia began an overhaul of its mining sector >>> Beijing saw 27 “blue-sky days” in May >>> Bookstores and pharmacies in China will soon be forbidden to provide free plastic bags >>> China’s state monopoly on tobacco is an advantage for the government, >>> Judges across China have been ordered to issue harsher sentences, including execution, to people convicted of food-safety violations >>> Thousands of migratory birds have been forced to leave the their stopover at Honghu early because of the drought >>> The drought gripping stretches of central and eastern China has dried Honghu into an expanse of exposed mud >>> Beijing: Only 50% of garbage to be landfill by 2012 >>> China will reach it 20% renewable energy target by 2020 >>> Vestas announces wind turbine order in China >>> China will spend at least 12 billion yuan (US$1.76 billion) to subsidise smaller, fuel efficient cars by 2012 >>> A Chinese environmental update >>> Scientists are calling for the long-term risks of genetically modified crops to be reassessed >>> China will use a weekend meeting on climate change to demonstrate its sincerity in reducing carbon emissions >>> Europe’s SMOS spacecraft is returning valuable new data on the way water is cycled around the globe >>>China and the European Union agreed to hold regular talks to strengthen collaboration and deepen understanding on climate change >>>Premier Wen Jiabao promised “all-out efforts” to rebuild the Yushu region of Qinghai province >>> Salvage crews began pumping oil from a Chinese coal-carrying ship stuck on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef >>> US president Barack Obama announced plans for expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling in an effort to win support for new climate-change proposals >>> The international mining giant Rio Tinto says it has signed a deal with China to develop a massive iron-ore mine in Guinea >>> Rich countries are “importing” about a third of their CO2 emissions >>> China is starting to prepare for the commercial and strategic opportunities arising as global warming melts polar ice cover in the Arctic >>> S. Korea's Kia Motors introduces eco-friendly, plug-in hybrid concept car >>> European Parliament calls for ‘new climate diplomacy’ >>> China plans to build national renewable energy center >>> Agriculture a major source of water pollution in China >>> China issues rules on maritime wind energy projects >>> ADB approves $135 mln loan for China's green power plant >>> US$ 952mln loss from record drought >>> Cold weather puts chill on travel during lunar festival >>> Shift to green growth in place >>> 67 nations pledge emissions cut >>> Record volume of water flows out of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau >>> China's coal mining hub urged to adopt low-carbon tech >>> Gov't to invest 12 bln yuan in rural environment protection >>> China to continue effort in pollution, emission control >>> Green movement good news for recharging equipment firms >>> China reaffirms to fulfill emission mitigation plans >>> More waste incineration projects planned in Beijing >>> New pollution reduction targets listed >>> China exposes 10,000 groups in industries involving poisonous materials >>> Officials feel heat over waste incinerator >>> Huge water reserves discovered in northwest China basin >>> Gov't to invest 5 bln yuan in a new energy saving technology >>> China's investment in water conservancy projects reaches record high >>> Waste paper imports trigger environmental concerns >>> Guangzhou asks for public opinion to solve growing garbage crisis >>> Shopping for energy efficiency >>> Waste plant causes cancer fears >>> Number of clean-tech venture deals near record high in 2009: Report >>> Lead poisoning halts battery factory operation >>> Cleanup underway after oil pipeline leak in Shaanxi > Taiwan China expands its support for EBRD projects >>>
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We have decades of experience in our house in the snow removal on airports.
Industrial- & Floorcleaning
Whether the floor in a school or in a supermarket has to be cleaned or else a manufacturing or storage hall. You will find the suitable brushes at our place. We are also supplier of many other spare parts for cleaning machinery. Please don't hesitate to ask for additional information. Visit our special site for further information
Paverblock industry
We are specialists for Cleaningproducts. If you need a suitable Solution, please get in contact and order your brochure. Visit our special site for further information www.brushes-for-paverblockindustry.com
Road Cleaning
Already since the beginnings of road construction and road maintenance, which then became necessary, our company has developed - in tight co-operation with the constructors of the machines - the appropriate brush systems. Thus an optimal adaptation of the brush systems to the used machine is guaranteed.
Weed Removal
WEED - GO ÂŽ Weed-cutting without chemicals - the ecological and sufficiant solution! Visit our special site for further information
Weed Removal
Weed removal without chemicals Weed removal brushes for road sweepers and weed removal machinery. Visit our special site for further information www.weedremovalbrushes.com
WOMA Apparatebau GmbH
WOMA Apparatebau GmbH
The accessory programme contains an extraordinarily wide range of high-pressure hoses, valves, nozzle carrier heads with different drives, nozzles for any application, guiding and positioning devices as well as accessory for water-abrasive blasting
Wiser treatment of dust air
The treatment of dust air from crushing, quarrying and explosion is another major application area of the Wiser scrubbing process. In such instances, the scrubbing will greatly reduce smoke hour, allowing more time for actual production and greatly improving working conditions. The Wiser scrubbing equipment can also be used for drop separation, odour elimination and air-conditioning. The Wiser know-how of water treatment represents a basis for the use of excessive water in Wiser scrubbing – therefore, it ensures high efficiency of the Wiser scrubbing process. Water used in scrubbing is treated with Wiser dissolved air flotation and circulated so that additional clean water is not required. In the field of gas and dust air treatment Wiser Ltd has proudly provided our services to Altia Corporation, Boliden Kokkola Oy, Genencor Oy, OMG Harjavalta Nickel, Oy Ovako Wire Ab and YIT Environment Oy and many more.
Wiser water aeration
While conventional aeration methods are based on spraying water into the air or the running of water, the function of the Wiser aerator is based on the intensive mixing of air into water. The Wiser aerator contains a patented rotor and the aerator is designed to simultaneously sucks air (or any other gas, as required) and water into the rotor from different directions and disperse the gas into the water. The rotor reaches about half a metre into the water and joined with a suction tube it is possible to reach the bottom of a deep tank or any desired point of aeration. It is possible to install the Wiser aerator either standing on the edge of a water tank or on a anchored pontoon for floating. The motor remaining above the water surface is protected under a case and in this instance it is also possible to install intake air preheating for outdoor function during winter. The Wiser aerator can operate as a blender only, in which case it breaks up solid substances into water, homogenises and emulsifies as necessary. It is possible to create pressure conditions as high as 1 bar with the use of the Wiser aerator. The construction material for the aerator can be chosen according to process. Wiser aerators are available of capacities from 10 to 300 m3/h of water. Free intake air amount can vary from 0 - 5 % of water
Registered trade mark of Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH Centrimax supply used separators (self-cleaning separators, solid-wall disc stack separators, nozzle separators, chamber bowl separators), used decanters (two-phase decanters, three-phase decanters) and used centrifuges such as peeler centrifuges, pusher centrifuges, inverting filter centrifuges, worm-screen centrifuges / screen-scroll centrifuges, tubular centrifuges etc.
Our range covers the full compass of centrifugal separation technologies
The key products are made up of separators, decanters and centrifuges of all kinds
Pole Type This very versatile and portable unit is fully automatic with night turn off, bird selection & volume control with a manual override for instant response or test purposes. The unit is completely weatherproof (IP56 rated) and automatically plays the bird alarm cries at random intervals for random lengths of time so that birds do not become accustomed to its use. It is available in 3 main forms: 20 Watt, 60 Watt or 100 Watt outputs.
WINda Technologies LLC
WINda Technologies LLC
Aeration Diffusers
Aeration Diffusers
Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment solutions
Winda has provided Industrial Water and Waste Water Treatment solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications, just a few of which are listed below. Contact your Winda Sales Engineer for more information about these and other Winda Solutions.
Low pressure centrifugal pump with axially split pump housing mounted on a base plate Pumping heating water according to VDI 2035, water-glycol mixtures, cooling, cold and process water Applications in municipal water supply, irrigation, building service, general industry, power stations, etc.
Wilo-Comfort CO
Pressure boosting system with 2 to 6 in parallel, self-priming stainless steel high pressure centrifugal pumps
Willibald J GmbH
Willibald J GmbH
drum screens
mobile and stationary drum screens
Minimax 2000 - Shredder Universal
The optimal solution for all Biomass projects Shredding and screening (optional) in one passage Accurate and exact defined fractions Optimal adaptability of power to the loading Concurrent material for burning and composting High throughput rate
shredder universal
ecomax shredder universal
TBU Series // Mobile compost windrow turners
Thanks to the extensive experience of our development technicians and engineers, Willibald machines have transformed compost windrow turning into quick and clean precision work. Our machines reduce energy consumption, increase turning speed and precision, support compost maturation and improve compost quality. The precise turning of horizontal layers ensures that the outer and inner windrow layers are optimally mixed to promote the compost maturation process and produce a top-quality and fully homogeneous end product.
Rubber buffers
Rubber metal connections
Rubber metal parts
Wieland Lufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Wieland Lufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
BlowVac, the top class among vacuum loaders, consequent, versatile, powerful. 42 kW to 300 kW, driven by the truck engine or by separate Diesel engine. BlowVac vacuum loaders are high end units for applications in the bulk material industry. The BlowVac design is oriented toward customer benefit, suction performance and filter technology. Depending on the version, the suction material can be discharged into BigBags, into containers at a discharge height of up to 2 m or at a dumping site. Alternatively, the suction material can be pressure discharged with the blowing device into silos or onto roofs. Click to entlarge The almost unlimited suction power allows for suction rates of up to 60 t/h. Flexible hoses of a total length of 90 m can be loaded onto the truck at a normal loading height. Versions with explosion protection according to Atex and for ADR material are available. BlowVac, the vacuum loader which can extract anything - more is not possible
Industrial vacuum cleaners
Unmatched in terms of quality and function. Industrial vacuum cleaners from Wieland Lufttechnik set the standard in the industry. Highest suction and filter performance, achieved by continuous improvement in terms of design and product quality.
Mobile suction units, vacuum loaders
Wieland Lufttechnik is the pioneer and technological leader concerning the development of mobile suction units. The units are mounted onto trucks or trailers and are the optimum work tool for the bulk material industries.
MS-30 suction unit
MS-30, the compact suction unit which is integrated into production machinery. 3 kW driving power, three phase. Vacuum extraction of limited amounts of suction material. Designed for continuous operation. Different types of filter systems for swarf, dust and liquids. MS-30, the perfect unit in its class.
Stationary vacuum systems and dust extraction units
Stationary vacuum units from Wieland Lufttechnik collect the suction material centrally and can discharge into containers of onto conveying equipment. Standard components are combined and tailored into to meet customer requirements.
VacTrailer S-4, the compact all-round unit
42 kW Diesel engine or 37 kW electric motor. The S-4 which is produced in series, is a very compact mobile suction unit. Its convincing suction performance makes it possible to convey suction material at considerable conveying rates over long distances with diameter 80 or 100 flexible hoses. The high-tech filter system with three serial separation steps and pneumatic AirShockÂŽ filter cleaning device guarantees a continuously high suction power even for difficult types of dust. The collection container is lifted hydraulically in its working position and discharges the suction material into BigBags or open containers. Special versions with explosion protection according to Atex and with nitrogen cooler for catalyst handling are available. S-4, the compact unit with extremely high suction power manufactured in series production quality.

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